Getsafe adds legal expense insurance to its service portfolio

As the first German Insurtech, Getsafe is launching a digital legal protection insurance. The distinguishing feature: Customers can buy and manage their insurance conveniently on their smartphone - simple, fast and easy. The startup is thus expanding its product portfolio and becoming a comprehensive companion for customers with a digital affinity.

Being right and getting justice are sometimes two different things. But since the costs for a lawyer or a court hearing are high, many affected people shy away from disputes and forget that it is also about defending themselves. Legal expense insurance pays for these costs and helps those affected to find justice.

At the same time, young people in between education and career start are often skeptical about insurance and are therefore often underinsured or not insured at all. Christian Wiens, founder and CEO of Getsafe, says: "Customers who buy insurance for the first time today are people with a digital affinity who are used to accessing information within a few seconds. Long waiting times and complicated communication with the insurer are no longer appropriate for this target group."

To best serve the needs of these customers, Getsafe bundles all information relating to personal insurance coverage in one app. Additionally, s a purely digital provider, Getsafe enables every insured person to report claims directly in the app or update personal data and payment information. A chatbot is available 24 hours a day to answer customers' questions, submit claims reports and even automatically check claims and pay them out if a positive decision has been made.

For legal insurance, Getsafe relies on a modular offering that each customer can adapt individually at any time. The basic package costs 17.79 euros per month and includes coverage for disputes at the workplace, disputes in the event of traffic accidents or the assertion of claims for damages. There is no fixed contract term; customers can cancel the insurance on a daily basis. In order to also be covered in residential and rental disputes, customers can extend the cover modularly at any time.

"With our technological approach, we are already taking the needs of insurance beginners into account. In the long term, established insurers will have to adapt to this trend in order not to lose touch," says Wiens. In the coming months, Getsafe will launch household insurance and theft protection for bicycles. From 2020, the company plans to offer fully digital life insurance.

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About Getsafe Digital GmbH

About Getsafe

Getsafe is reinventing insurance. The insurtech startup from Heidelberg is using digital solutions and artificial intelligence to help people identify, organize and protect what they care most about in life: With just a few clicks, customers can learn about, buy, and manage insurance conveniently on their smartphone - simple, transparent, and fair. Accordingly, Getsafe sees itself as a technology company that is active in the insurance sector - not the other way around. Together with renowned partners such as Munich Re and leading venture capital investors, Getsafe is simplifying insurance - and thus bringing the concept of multi-line insurance into the digital age.

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Über Getsafe

Getsafe denkt und entwickelt Versicherungen komplett neu. Dazu setzt das InsurTech Startup aus Heidelberg auf digitale Lösungen und künstliche Intelligenz: Mit nur wenigen Klicks können die Kunden eine Versicherung bequem auf dem Smartphone abschließen, diese anpassen oder einen Schaden melden. Unkompliziert, transparent, fair. Denn Getsafe versteht sich selbst als ein Technologieunternehmen, das im Versicherungsbereich aktiv ist - nicht umgekehrt. Gemeinsam mit namhaften Partnern wie der Munich Re und führenden Venture Capital Investoren bringt Getsafe das Konzept der Allsparten­-Versicherung in das digitale Zeitalter und hilft Menschen, das zu schützen, was ihnen im Leben am wichtigsten ist.

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